Computer Basics

During olden times there was no computer. All office activities were done through paperwork with the help of register, files, book etc. But as the day passes computer comes in to the invention, computer got famous all over the world. Nowadays computer is the backbone of every organization.Demand of computer is increasing day by day. Many reputed institutions have opened up which offered courses both in hardware and software. For a student not only degree is must but also should have knowledge of computer. Followings are the important course of computer:-

1) Basic Course - One should do the basic computer courses to gain knowledge in Ms Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. This course is having duration of 3 months. This is the most important course which each and every student should pursue. With the help of this course you can easily draft the letter, make the presentation, generate reports etc. So with the help of this course you can easily complete your office work in time.

2) ERP- ERP stands for Electronic Resource Planning. Many companies operations is done through ERPs like SAP (System Application Products in Data Processing), JD Edwards, BPCS (Business Planning and Controlling System), Oracle, IBS (Integrated Business Solution). Companies do provide training for learning this software but before learning ERP you should have basic knowledge in computer.

3) Hardware & Networking - Hardware and Networking demand is also increasing day by day. Many students are showing interest in this field. Also many institutions are offering this course with 100% job guarantee. If you are having knowledge of hardware and networking then you will easily get a job in one of the most reputed IT companies.

4) Typing - To excel in computer one should have a minimum typing speed. With good typing speed say 40 to 60 word per minute, you will easily get a job has a data entry operator in many companies.

5) Internet - Internet is a two way communication channel. You can communicate through mails and headphones. Also you can see and chat to your friends, relatives etc through web cam. Many works are done through Internet such as ticket booking, bill payment, shopping’s, job search, online banking, trading of shares etc. Apart from this you can play games and download music, software etc easily.

6) DTP - DTP stands for desktop publishing. It consists of coreldraw, photoshop, page maker. With the help of DTP you can create and edit the photos, give stunning effects to the pitcher, create logo, magazine covers etc.

7) Animation - Nowadays animation is having a great demand in the market. Many advertiser, pitcher maker, cartoon maker etc requires animation in their work because it creates special effects in their shots. If you are having an innovative ideas in your mind and you want to utilize that ideas properly then go for animation course.


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