How To Fight From Recession

Everyone is fighting from recession so these are some points which you must go through to overcome from recession that are as follows :-

1) Saving & Investment :- One should properly utilize their money through savings and investments. You can do investment in LIC, Mutual Funds etc. these will generates higher returns in future.

2) Cut Off Expenses :- To overcome from recession one should minimize his expenses like shopping's, holidays etc. By cutting off these unnecessary expenses you will generate some income which will help you to fight from recession.

3) Loyalty :- Every employee should work dedicatedly and honestly in their job because during recession times many companies are looking at the performance of an employee. If you are unable to perform well in your job then the company will sack you. So be safe and work sincerely.

4) Stick To Current Job :- During recession no companies are hiring a candidate so one should stick to the current job, do not try to leave the job unless and until you don’t have a new job in your hand.


Suppose you have lost your job and not getting any source of income, then in this frustrated situations follow my steps :-

1) Minimize your expenses.

2) Go ahead for any kind of a job don’t be shy of it because many people’s think that I was working in a good MNC’’s and now I will not go for any kind of a small companies job.For this I strongly recommend, please don’t’ ever do that because during recession you will not be getting better opportunities.

3) For jobless people just try to get a job somehow, so that from this current job you can search another job that matches your profile as well as past experience. If you become totally bankrupt for 6 month or even more or your current job is not stable then, I can help you out by giving some Placements Ids to overcome from this situations.


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