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Due to Inflation man cannot fulfill his entire requirement, so I am here to help you out to earn some money while sitting at home. Just spare some time from your current occupation and start earning, it doesn't matter if you are a college student, employees, housewives, teachers, retired person etc.This job is suitable for each and every person. The following are the steps where you can earn from home:-

1) Data Entry Jobs:-
Data entry is a data processing activity which includes wide range of information such as theoretical data; company balance sheet, arithmetical problems, college notes etc are to be type appropriately in a proper format assigned by the company or institution. There are two types of data entry jobs available in the market :-

A) Offline Data Entry Jobs: - In offline data entry jobs you have to type certain data between 200 to 400 pages in a month. In this type the company or any other institution will provide you a data which have to be type in a month. After typing all assigned data you are supposed to submit it to the companies through print outs, CD, floppy, pen drive etc and in return you will be earning between 0.2$ to 5$ per page or depending upon the company norms. There are some criteria which you should fulfill while doing offline data entry job.
  1. You need a computer.
  2. Minimum typing speed.
  3. Spare some 2 to 3 hours a day.
  4. Internet connection may or may not necessary.
B) Online Data Entry Jobs: - There are wide ranges of data entry jobs available in the market. In online data entry Jobs Company will provide you the data through email, websites, database software, papers etc. You have to type that given data in word format within a stipulated time and submit it to the companies email ids. There are many online data entry jobs (including scam data entry jobs) available in the market because of these people are confused for selecting genuine data entry jobs. There are many website which offer data entry job for free or without investment to select which one is genuine being a quite difficult for you. But these are my following steps that you should fallow to get genuine data entry jobs.

Steps For Selecting Genuine Data Entry Jobs: -
1) Company Profile: - Before taking a data entry jobs you should go through the companies profile through its websites also you can gain some information about the company through the data entry job provider.

2) Deposits: - Before enrolling for data entry jobs many companies asked for deposit or any kind of fee. But my recommendation to you is that just check these following points before paying any deposits or fee to the job provider.

  • Whether the company is legitimate or not.
  • How many members have joined the data entry job?
  • Whether the deposits is refundable or not.
  • Read the terms and condition properly.
If still you are confused and not made your mind for paying deposits/fees. Then please take consult from your guardians, friends or any kind of person who is already doing this data entry jobs or else you can take the consult from me through this blog.

3) Earning Status: - Mentioned below are some following questions which you should asked to the data entry job provider while taking data entry job:-

  • What could be my earning for per page?
  • When I can get my payment?
  • Which mode I will get my payment?

4) Deduction in payment: - Normally many data entry job provider deduct your amount at the time of your payment. They deduct this amount due to typo error (example: - mouse-moose) or when you are unable to submit the data within a stipulated time. So to overcome from this deduction you should avoid grammatical mistakes, type the data properly and systematically, submit the data in a proper time.

My Experience: - My experience in data entry jobs is that once I had taken this job for part time basis. I had been told to type 300 pages for 1 month (0.16$ per page) and after 1 month when I submitted that 300 pages to the company than they had not given my payment instantly. But were simply ignoring my calls. I was under the impression that it is a scam but it wasn’t a scam. I had became totally frustrated and finally decided to visit their office. When I Visited there office than they replied me that your payment is in process, and you will be getting your payment within 2 weeks. But after wide coordination they had given me my payment that too deducting charges (8$) of spelling mistakes that I had made during typing. (0.16$per page x 300pages= 48$ - 8$charges = 40$). Many data entry job provider often delaying their payment and also some are scam. While selecting genuine data entry job one should do proper Enquiry. So I request you to please read my above Data Entry Job content properly for selecting a genuine data entry jobs.

2) Tuition's:- If you are expert in certain subjects like English, Mathematics, Hindi, Spanish, German, Russian, French etc, then you should not waste your talent, utilize your skills appropriately. Just take tuition's of children, student and earn some part income. Basically this is suitable for women who is a housewives, because women’s are having an ample time from which she can spare some time for taking tuition’s and can easily earn good income by sitting at home.


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