Beware From Scammer

Nowadays scam is increasing day by day, due to which many Innocent people suffer. Scammer targets those people who are looking for overseas jobs. They mail to the people regarding the job opening in an overseas company by describing job location, designation, salary (which you have dream of), accommodation etc and then you feel so excited, that I got an offer from an overseas company. But you will do a mistake of forwarding your resume to them. After 2 to 3 days scammer mail you saying that "Your CV is in screening process”, then within a week again you will be receiving a mail that your CV is shortlisted, with that mail they will attached your appointment letter, contract letter and asking for Visa charges or any kind of fee (whether it would be of medical or any other charges), which you have to pay before joining. Some people do the mistake of giving an acknowledgment to that mail by saying that, I agree to accept your terms and conditions and ready to pay the charges. When you pay that charges without any inquiry then you have made a big mistake in your life. So don't ever do this, just think twice before giving money.

If you are looking for an overseas jobs then just keep in mind my following steps:-

1) Email - Whenever you get a mail regarding job opening in an overseas company do the following steps
  • Check who has send you the mail.
  • Ask for company website by replying to that mail.
  • Get as much information as you can about the company.
2) Scam Placements - - Scam placements will offer you a job through email and select you without an interview process. You will be so excited that without an interview I am selected, but you are wrong because for any kind of overseas jobs Placements People or Company Client takes an interview. If they are not doing the same then it’s a scam.
Normally scam placements ask for any kind of money, when you pay that money they will just hide-off. A scam placement doesn't provide company details (in which the job opening is) because they are scam and really doesn’t have any details of the company. If you want to know whether the placement is fraud or not just ask for company websites (in which the job opening is) or details. If they are providing the same than it’s good for you to take the information about the company or if they are not providing any relevant information about the company than just don't give any money without inspections.


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