My brother (Surendra) and his friend (ashish) were searching for an overseas job. They received an email from scammer (they were not aware of the scam) regarding a job opening in Virgin Atlantic Airways than both of them had forward their CV to them. But they had selected my brother for "Storekeeper" post. The followings are the mails which they had co-ordinate with them and save themselves from scammed.

A) Job Opening Mail:- It is the list of current opening in Virgin Atlantic Airways

B) CV Screening: - When he forwarded his updated CV to them for the post of "Storekeeper"They had replied him by this mail saying that your CV is in screening process.

C) Appointment and Contract letter: - This is the appointment and contract letter which my brother supposed to signed and deliver to them. My brother accepted this Appointment and Contract letter then he replies to this mail by attaching Appointment and Contract letter which was duly signed by him.

D) Receipt of contract document: - This is the acknowledgment mail of Appointment and Contract Letter sent by scammer.

E) Asking Payment- From this mail they were asking fees for ATCC (Anti Terrorist Clearance Certificate) which was GBP 875, 00.

F) Termination of contract: - This is the termination letter which they had forwarded to my brother saying that you are terminated because he had not given those fees.


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