Career Planning

When a student goes to school is one of the first steps for beginning of a career. To boost his career family member should support his student for bright future. There are many families which don’t support their child cannot afford proper education because of it they suffer from following points:-
  • Poor Communication skills
  • Lack of personality development
  • Bad habits
  • Lack of confidence

These are the points which a child suffers the most due to improper educations. When a parents is going for a child birth doesn’t matter if it's a male or female. Parents should bear there expenses from proper education to proper career. There are many families thinking that a child should not go to school or they might be thinking that a child should only do schooling and stop his further studies look forward there family business which is absolutely wrong. Because in future there family business doesn’t succeed then a child would be in a financial debt and he would ask a question to himself that now

  • What should I do?
  • Who will give the Job?
  • How should I earn?
  • From where should I pay the debts?
In this tough situation nobody from relatives to friends will help you. To overcome from these situation followings are the point a child and a parents should noted down:-

  1. A child should pursue an education from English Medium School.
  2. He should get a proper grade in his Schooling.
  3. He should get indulge in many extra curriculum activities.
  4. He should not be given any force from parents for choosing his career.
  5. Parents should discuss with child about his future goals.
  6. Parents should remember that every child is different and special from others.
  7. If a child is planning for so and so career than parents should play a crucial role in it by supporting his child financially.
SUCCESSIVE PLANNING: - For developing a career the important aspect is to make a perfect planning. If you don’t know where you are going, no road will take you there."Career is the platform of a person which has to be chosen at the right time". Every person has a desire to grow and scale new heights in his work. If there are enough opportunities he can pursue his career goals and exploit his potential fully. When a student completes his graduation he starts to search for a first job. From my point of view this would be the time to decide to choose your field of interest like:-
  • Accounts and Finance
  • BPO, KPO
  • Engineering
  • Journalism
  • Medical
  • HR
  • IT- Hardware
  • Supply Chain
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Airlines
  • Others
After choosing right path he should try for a job search in a selected field you can get all placement email ids in placement ids categories for posting your Resume.
Suppose in present or in future if you got a job whether it would be permanent, contract, third party pay-roll, just continued to gain some experience from current job at least a year. If you are not satisfy with the current job than do not quit or give up so easily because "Job doesn’t get easily".

DIPLOMA or MBA:- When you have completed your Graduation just enroll in to Diploma Courses or MBA this will help you to boost your career and this extra qualification will help to get a high paid job in your future prospect.

  1. You will be in a company payroll and get handsome package as per your expectation.
  2. Would be highly appreciated by your boss.
  3. Degree and that extra qualification of yours will be displayed to all employees at the time of new joining.
  4. Definitely get an opportunity to work with an MNC.


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