Career Development

To develop a career one has to take proper action and proper planning. Some of the important steps that will help an individual to develop his career:-

1) Proper Guidelines: - In the stage of man first guideline starts from his parents. So parents should guide their child properly to boost his career. An individual can also take advice from his teacher, friends, relatives etc for career enhancement.

2) Set Career Goals: Goals are the objectives which an individual wish to achieve within certain period of time. Suppose an individual wish to become an insurance agent then he should have convincing skills to succeed in his way. For achieving your goals you should have those sorts of capabilities and skills. One should analyze his skills and talents before selecting any career path.

3) Performance: - Performance of an individual is judge on his working capabilities. An individual performance can be determined by these following steps:-
  1. Ability to take decision
  2. Work quality
  3. Initiative
  4. Communication skills
  5. Intelligence
  6. Loyalty.
4) Better Opportunities:- An individual should grabs the opportunities when it comes in his way.Opportunities doesn't knock the door everyday.Opportunities can be of various types such as Job offers, promotion, increment or other career opportunities. So you should take the credit of each and every opportunities which comes to your way.

5) Attending Programmes: - For developing a career an individual or an employee should attends various programmes like seminars, training programme, conferences, workshop etc. Because of this programmes an individual will expand his skills and can easily develop his career.


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