Career Stages In Life

1) SCHOOLING - It is one of the crucial stage of our life. It is the stage where we grow and blossom like flowers. During schooling child learn new lesson, make new friends, participate in extra activities etc. Teacher assists a child to build his career. In this stage a child should plan what to do in future, for example if he wants to become a Doctor, Engineer, Pilot, Surgeon etc, then he should work hard and score maximum percentage in his Exam. Also Parent should assist their child in his career and should give proper guidelines.

2) COLLEGE - This is a stage of fun and enjoyment which each and every child dreams to utilize. This is the second phase of life were student enjoy a lot. But as per my opinion a student should not only enjoy college days but also gain some Extra Qualification by doing courses or part time job. In my college days one friend of mine was doing Graduation, Computer Courses and Part Time Job and I was thinking that he is foolishly wasting his time by not enjoying college days. But after completion of our graduation I was looking for a job and I got an interview call. But in interview I didn't pass-out because I was not having any additional Qualification and experience, due to which I was rejected, then I realize about my college friend that he has utilize his college time properly, which now he is getting a good result. So please you all people don't ever do this mistake which I had suffer. Just remember this small formula of mine


3) JOB - This is a stage of struggling and tension which you will pass from a job; you can earn money from Job but not satisfaction. So if you are frustrated with your current job then switch to another job to pursue high pay and additional facility. You should do savings and investment properly at this stage, so in future you will be secured from family stress. This is a stage which has many ups and downs therefore a man could work hard. At times he may find himself in difficulties but he must have courage to work hard till the road is clear and afterwards what he will see nothing but only success.

4) RETIREMENT - This is the stage of relaxation to those who had struggle a lot in their past stages. He will get the returns of the money through Policy, Pension, any other scheme etc.After retirement he can spend his life happily and fruitfully.


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