Studying Tactics

For student studying means learning. It starts from its childhood. Firstly parents play a crucial role in it they are the one who teaches him how to speak, which is the beginning of his studies. The first word a child learns is only through his parents. So a child should treat his parent like a god, because they are the one who has given him a life in this beautiful world.
Schooling is a second stage of a child life. In school he has to adjust in a new environment. Every day he learns something new. This is also the crucial stage where he starts to plan his career i.e. what to become? If he studies well in his school then his career will definitely scales new heights. Most of the students avoid studies but you can't do that, because it literally spoils your career.
Followings are the tips a student should follow while studying:-

1) Time Table: - Time Table is a perfect way to plan studies. A student should prepare a time table of his overall subjects by allocating all subjects in a proper time. With the help of time table a student can easily get success in his studies.

2) Weak Subjects: - A Student should know his weak subjects. He should never hide his weak subject from teachers, parents, tuition’s etc, because they are the one who will guide you and help you out to improve in those subjects.

3) Newspaper: - Newspaper reading is a good habit. A Student should read a newspaper daily. Newspaper is the source of general knowledge; also it gives news of the world such as sports, educations, recent activities etc.

4) Books: - Books act as a knowledge bank. Student gets much information from his books (subjects). He should not only read the books but also have to keep that content in his mind.

5) Health: - While concentrating on your studies health is the most important factor. A student should consume vitamins and proteins in his diet through fresh vegetables, milk, fruits, juice etc. A healthy student can work hard and become a bright student.

6) Participation: - A student should participate in school and college activities like sports, quiz, picnic etc to make himself active and talented.

7) Entertainment: - Entertainment refreshes your mind. In a day student should not study 24 hours. He should keep 1 to 2 hours in a day for playing games, watching TV, listening music etc.

8) Other Points:-
1. While studying a student should concentrate properly.
2. Do not indulge in any kind of bad habits like drinking, smoking etc.
3. Attain schools, college, classes regularly.
4. Do your class work regularly.
5. Be confident and think positively.
6. Do not by heart or mug up the subjects but try to understand first.
7. During examination do not fear and try to keep stress out of mind.

My Experience:-
When I was in school I was very talented and my name appears in the scholars list. At that time I loved to study that is all because of my mother. She used to take my tuition's daily and helping me out to improve in my weak subjects. As the day passes I went in 7th standard but at that time due to illness my parents got expired and I felt alone. I was very lonely at that time only my elder brother supported me. We used to do all house hold activities together and then after some months he got a job and again I felt alone. Day by day my interest in study was going down but somehow I cleared my 8th and 9th standards that too with very lowest marks. When I went in 10th standard I was not at all serious in my studies. Somehow I completed my schooling with lowest percentage i.e. 49 %. After that I was not getting an admission in a college, but finally I got admissions in junior college, but all my friends had taken an admission in big colleges. They were just laughing at me when I use to wear uniform of junior college. Then I decided to laugh at their faces. For that I decided to study very hard due to which I stood 1st in 11th standard.

When I went in 12th standard I passed out with 68% due to which I got an admission in my favorite college. After a month in that college (which I had taken an admission) that all my friends looked at me and got shocked, then they apologize their mistakes. But the story doesn't end here. When I was in final year I decided to score 70% that too without coaching classes. While doing all household activities such as cooking food, washing utensils, bringing vegetables from the market, etc. It wasn't possible for me to score 70%, but I didn't give up. I was studying too hard for that. I used to study alone whatever books I was having from that only I used to study. Finally I did it by securing 70.28%, (a percentage which I was dreaming off).

So impossible is nothing if you have decided in your mind, what to achieve in your life then you will definitely get that, but only due to hard work and proper planning.


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