Solving Problems

One friend of mine has come to my house and said to me “come with me to our college to take my 12th standard result”. Then I went with him to the college. It was that college where I had completed my graduation. When I entered into the college my old memories of college days got fresh up.Afterwards I realize that OH! I have come to take my friend result. Then finally we both went to the college office to take the result. When my friend took the result he was declared failed in one subject. I got shocked and started thinking that though he was very good in his studies then how come he got failed in one subject. When I asked him about it then he didn’t answer me and was denying me. I was not totally satisfied with it, but somehow I convince my friend to reveal the fact. Then he told me at the time of examination his father was completely drunk and was misbehaving with his mother and brother, due to whom he couldn't studied well enough. So he got failed in one subject. He was totally depressed.
After that I went with him to his house and spoke to his father regarding this, but his father was completely denying this fact. Then I told his father that it was because of your behavior your child has suffered a lot. He has spoiled his one precise year and the main culprit behind it was you. Eventually his father got ashamed and apologizes to his child by promising him that in future he will never drink, also he will never harassed the family.
So all you friend out there if you are also facing the same problem in your house than try to solve this problem through mutual understanding and not through violence, because if you solve this problem now then in future you will definitely get benefit of it.


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