School Re-opens

OH! It’s June. You must be thinking that why I am saying its June, because June is a month when all schools and colleges re-opens. It is also a month when vacations come to an end were all kids with full depressed faces goes to school. Following questions arises in their minds:-
  • Why the school re-opens
  • Now I have to study
  • Do the regular home work
  • Regularly attain lectures
  • No fun and enjoyments
  • Learn new subjects
  • When I will get holiday
  • Attain extra classes
  • Prepare for exams
Students should not avoid these above points. These are the basic things which a student has to do to scale new heights in his life. So all I have to say that when schools starts you have to think that your all enjoyment days are over, now you have to be full energetic and enthusiastic in your studies. Just concentrate and work hard in your studies to get good percentage in your forthcoming exams.



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