Tips Of Job Search

To build a career one has to search a job. Job is important not only for a candidate but also to the organization. In job candidate get better pay, promotion, opportunities, future prospect etc also Companies get an experience and talented person who will work honestly and dedicatedly in a job and assist the company to achieve its objectives. There are million people who search a job but they didn’t succeed in it due to following reason:-

1) Improper Job Search:-The main reason for not getting an expected job is due to improper job search. Job search doesn’t mean simply applying for a job or forwarding your CV to the companies or placement peoples, but you should also take initiative to call to the concern person regarding an application of a job opening which you had forwarded to them. While coordinating with them you will be able to know the status of your application for a job. By doing this you will definitely succeed in getting a job.

2) Improper Resume: - Many people are not aware of writing a perfect resume which leads to rejection of their resume. A perfect resume will not only get shortlisted but also increases the chances to get a job. While searching a job resume act as a key element for your job search. Many people fail to mention these following points in their resume:

  • Goals/Objectives.
  • Job responsibilities.
  • Awards and Achievements.
Due to which their resume is not 100% complete. So for getting a job you should always keep your resume updated with above points.

3) High Expectation: - Many people fail to get a job due to high expectation in their salary. As you know that "Human Wants Are Unlimited". If you get more you need more. So you must decide certain range or 30% hike from your current salary for searching a job. By doing this you will definitely get a job.

4) Less Experience: - While changing a job you should have at least 6 month or 1 Year experience in your current field. Nowadays many companies are searching a candidate who is having more than a year of experience in a current company. Therefore you should stick to the company for at least a year, gain some experience and then if you are not satisfy with the current job, try job hunting.

5) Lack Communication: - Communication is the main asset of job search. With improper communication skills you won’t be able to succeed in an interview, so while facing an interview you should speak fluently, do not fumble. Nowadays talent is being judge on the basis of communication skills i.e. how a candidate communicate, does he have convincing skill or not, whether he would be able to handle a team properly or not.

6) Lack of Confidence: - Many people didn’t get a job due to lack of confidence therefore while facing an interview you should have 100% confidence in your words. Whatever you speak it should attract to the interviewer. You must show your confidence not only in an interview but also in your work because without confidence no one will hire you in a company and also you will not be able to survive in this world.

7) Competition: - Nowadays competition is increasing day by day due to which many people are unable to get a job which ultimately results in rise in unemployment. So to succeed in this competition you should have passion, ambition, talent, knowledge and skills. You must give your level best to get rid of this competition. Nowadays everywhere there is a competition, so you should not back step yourself. You should have a tendency to fight this competition and also to take this competition as a challenge in your life.

8) Extra Qualification: - To boost a career extra qualification plays a crucial role. It gives a growth in your career, good package in your salary, promotion, job opportunities etc. After completing graduation you must enroll for an additional qualification such as diploma, M.B.A, C.A, C.S etc. Many people are doing extra qualification hand in hand with their current job. They are managing both these activities perfectly. So if you want to succeed in future then keep yourself busy by doing any extra qualification that suits your profile.

9) Lack of Information: - Due to improper job search or lack of information many people doesn’t come to know about new job opportunities/current opening due to which good opportunities vanish from their hand. So you must stay alert, keep in touch with placement people, visit the job portal site regularly then see all upcoming opportunities will knock your door and you will definitely get a job of your dream.

10) Dress Code: - While facing an interview your dress code act as a first impression before your resume, so you should not only wear formal clothes in an interview but also put a tie on it which creates a good impression to the viewers. It has been seeing that while coming for an interview many people wear jeans and sandals as if they have come for a picnic which is totally wrong it totally creates a bad impression to the interviewer and your chances of selection goes down. So in my words
The perfect dress code = white shirt + matching pant + tie + belt + boot


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