How To Face An Interview

Followings are the questions that are asked during interview:-

1) Tell me about yourself: To answer this question a candidate should simply have to brief about himself i.e. name, qualification, course and its experience. This is a starting point of an interview so a candidate should speak confidently about himself.

2) Can you tell me about your experience- A candidate should tell his overall (past as well as current) experience including the company name, designation and then explain in details about his Job description.

3) Why do you want to leave your current job- If you are working in a contract or third party payroll than simply tell that I am looking forward for a permanent job, because of it I am looking for a change. Suppose if you are in a permanent payroll than give him an answer by saying that I am looking forward for high perks, challenging profile, good environment, growth in a career.

4) What do you know about this organization- Before going for an interview a candidate must get all detail information about the company profile in respect of his branches, turnovers, dealing into which profession etc. From either placement people who had shortlisted your resume or through internet.

5) What is your achievement in your job- You should brief him about your achievements and awards that you have got right from your schooling to current job.

6) Why should we hire you- Tell him how initiative, loyal, hardworking, etc you are in your work. After this just say that if my skills, experience matches your requirement and if you are looking out for a person who can work dedicatedly and honestly than please select me.

7) Are you able to relocate - If you are satisfied with this question than simply say YES or else be honest and say NO, because if you lie in this, than at the time of relocation you will be in a big trouble?

8) What is your expectation in terms of salary- You should get this answer before going for an interview, from the placement people or from the company, depends on from where you got a call of an interview. If the company or placement people are not disclosing about the salary than ask them about this salary range. At last make your mind that what salary you want in that range and answer this question.

9) What is your strength- To answer this question say your qualities like: ability to work under pressure, decision making skills, initiative, proper co-ordination skills, etc.

10) Are you willing to work under pressure- Just say yes, because they are judging your capabilities in this question.


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