How To Handle Office Politics

Office is the place where a person diverts full attention in his work. It has been said that "Money doesn't grow on trees”. For getting it one has to work very hard. Office is a place where a person has to reach on time regularly and do the following works such as:-

• Do the work honestly
• Show the performance
• Achieve target
• Handling overload
• Maintaining reports and files
• Give presentation
• Proper co-ordination and follow up.

Content of Office Politics:
  • Your work credit is taken by some other person.
  • Instead of showing performance you are not getting that much deserving output.
  • Ignorance of your work.
  • Told to handle additional responsibilities.
In every office there is a politics. Office politics are like twin brothers. No one can stop office politics but there are certain steps to overcome from it.

1) If you see a politics in your office first step you should do not interfere in it and try to stay away from it.

2) Don't ever give a chance to your superior or boss to shout at you.

3) If your boss shouts at you just stay calm and relax as if nothing has happen, because as you know that "Boss is always right".

4) If you are going for breakfast, lunch, tea then do not spend more time in it. It creates a bad impression on your performance and taking this point in to consideration many people gets a chance to play a politics against you.

5) Do not sit ideal in office because one or the other person is having an eye on you."So instead of nothing do something".

6) You might have seen that in every office there is one person or may be 2 are the king of playing politics. All you have to do is stay totally away from him; only keep work related activities with them.


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