How To Write Resume

Resume is a written document containing detail information of a candidate. Resume is also known as CV (Curriculum vitae), Biodata.It act as a first impression to the viewers, so it should be prepare in a proper layout. All contents feed up in a resume should be genuine. Before writing a resume you should analyze what contents to be added.
These are the following contents which should be kept in mind while writing a resume:-

  1. Personal Information such as Name, Address, Mobile number, Email id.

  2. Objective/Goals.

  3. Qualification.

  4. Additional Qualification such as Basic Computer Courses, Diploma, M.B.A, etc.

  5. Experience (Past as well as Current with Company Name, Duration and Designation)

  6. Job Description.

  7. Demographic Information (Date of birth, Marital Status, Passport number)

  8. Achievements.

  9. Strengths.

  10. Hobbies.

  11. Languages Known.

  12. Signature.
Points to remember while writing a resume:-

  1. Your Resume font should be Arial, Times roman or verdana.

  2. No. of pages of a resume should be 2 or 3.

  3. Font words should not be too bold or italic.

  4. Font size must be small. It should not be large because it creates a bad impression to the viewer.

  5. There should not be any grammatical mistakes in your resume.

  6. You should take print out of your CV in A4 size paper only.

  7. You should always keep your CV updated.

  8. You should never mention your weakness in resume.


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