Health Tips

In every stages of life health is necessary. Many people didn’t take care of their health due to which they suffer from many diseases such as cold, cough, fever, jaundice, malaria etc.Mostly people consume outside foodstuffs which is totally injurious to health. To remain fit is not just to eat healthy food but also you must maintain a regular balance diet and do follow a proper timetable of your routine activities appropriately. Followings are certain things which you must take care for maintaining a good health:-

1) Get up early in the morning.
2) Do regular exercise.
3) Consume fruits, juices, pulses, milk etc accurately.
4) Drink lots of water in a day.
5) Stay relax and tension free.
6) Do maintain a proper balance diet.
7) Eat green and leafy vegetables.
8) Sleep for maximum 8 hours in a day.
9) Always keep yourself busy.
10) Take the consult of the doctor, whenever required.

It has been said that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.So you must keep yourself as well as your surrounding neat and tidy to avoid being getting infected from any diseases. If you maintain a proper health then you will definitely generate a good wealth in your life. Eventually eat healthy and stay healthy.


Ayie said...

great tips, thanks!

thanks for dropping by my jif pj too.

QayrunQuiamco said...

thank for your sweet and inspiring comment on my blog... i really need it by the way!!
tnx again dear...

come n share said...

how a great tips...healthy is one of important in globalization now

ChrisY said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog..Really appreciated.

Great tips for keeping healty.. Thank you

Brad said...

Great tips I have added this blog to my twitter and follows. :-)

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Marsahll Spencer said...

Without your health there isn't much point in anything else! Great post :o)

Quercus Florida said...

I like your blog. Clearly been at it much longer than I. Thanks for the tips.

I clicked on some of your ads and stuff.

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