How To Succeed In An Exam

Many student fail to pass in their exam due to some or the other reason but by following these simple steps you will not only pass in your exam but also secured good percentage. So these are the following steps to succeed in an exam:-

1) Student must prepare a time-table of his studies.
2) 1 to 2 hours should be given for entertainment.
3) While studying he should mark the important points through pencil or highlighter.
4) He should always read a dictionary which helps him to learn the difficult as well as new words.
5) While preparing for exam be confident and positive minded.
6) He must solve the previous year’s papers of all subjects.
7) Should always consume nutritious and healthy food.
8) Must keep an ambition of succeeding in an exam
9) Always pay attention in school, college, classes, tuition’s.
10) Before going for an examination always take the blessing of your parents and god.
11) Handwriting is the key element, so student must write properly and neatly in an exam.
12) While writing an examination paper, underline the main points with pencil which will create a good impression to the viewer.
13) Try to draw a diagram in your answers which not only make your answer look good but also help you to get a good marks in the exam.
14) Try to draw a margin of 2 cm on every right side of your answer sheet.
15) Read the question twice before answering.
16) If you won’t be able to answer the particular question then leave the space and switch to another question but try to answer that question within the last hour.
17) Try to complete the paper before 10 to 15 minutes. So in this time you can review the full answers.
18) After leaving the examination hall try not to discuss the answers with your friends, because if one or the other answers of your goes wrong then you feel tense and which will lack your concentration for the preparation of next papers.

Finally take these above points in to consideration to scale new heights in your exam and best of luck.


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