Lost a Job

To earn money one must do something, for doing something job is needed. So with a job you can fulfill your basic necessities and easily spend life happily and fruitfully. But what happen when you lost a job?

1) Your Income Stops.
2) Unable to pay loans, premium, etc.
3) Find difficult to get a new job.
4) Unable to get expected salary from a new job.
5) Family, friends & neighbour will continuously asked you about a job.
6) Find difficult to survive in this rising inflation.
7) Confidence level goes down, when you didn’t get a job within a stipulated period.
8) Feel ashamed to sit at home.
9) Due to frustration you may get addict of alcohol, smoking, tobacco etc.
10) In your bank statement you will only find withdrawal and no deposit.

Eventually after all these trouble when you get a new job you feel as if “You have won a jackpot”. At that time you feel too excited and think god has fulfilled my dreams. With that new job you feel that you have got a power to fight from all those troubles that you had faced while sitting at home.


ical said...

Very good to know!
Thanks for stop by my 2 blogs.
Don't hesitate to coming back:)


ray said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

And I,ve read your LOST A JOB blog i can say its true because I have been there.

If you have any friends whose interested in helping street children please let them visit my blogsite.

God bless


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