Boss Shouts

Whenever you do a mistake in a work whether it will be a little or big one “Your Boss Shouts At You”. At the time of his shouting the office staff near your department continuously stares at you as if some entertainment is going on. But you feel too embarrassed and certain feeling arises in your mind:-

1) Why I have made a mistake
2) Everyone is staring at me
3) I am feeling too ashamed
4) I will now leave a job
5) When he will stop shouting
6) Today is a worst day of mine

Anyhow when boss finishes his shouting you get back to your work and after sometime all office staff ask you What happen?, Why he was shouting, Whether it was your mistake. Somehow you manage to explain the whole story to all those staff people and you get back to your work. After finishing your work in the office you reach at home, but you feel too depressed as if you have failed in the exam. All those shouting sounds of your boss surrounds in your mind. You think that the whole day was unlucky and bad for me.

But in my opinion do concentrate on those wordings faced from your boss because you have made a mistake in your work and given a chance to your boss to shout at you. In the next day you have to forget that all shouting incident. With the new day you have to come up with new ambitions and positive attitude also you should work with full courage and dedication. Then see your boss will not only appreciate you but also feel sorry about that past incident.


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