It’s a day when you feel too bored and tired to wake up in the morning especially during rainy season, but somehow you manage to go to the office and when you reach at the bus stop or railway station following points arises in your mind :-
  • You think why Monday has come.
  • Feel too sleepy.
  • You think there will be heavy work load in the office.
  • You think when there will be a next holiday.
  • And finally you dream shall I would be a millionaire then I don’t have to go to office at all.
But you should not focus on these points, just think you have to work hard to earn money and scale new heights in your career. Also you have to fulfill your as well as your family requirement.
So all I have to say that everyone should enjoy there Sunday, because in Sunday you don’t have to bear with office work load and office politics, but there are many people who think that “OH! Sunday is gone now its Monday”. But from my point of view you should not forget that “GONE IS THE PAST COMING IS THE FUTURE”. So you don’t have to think about the past Sunday just think about the upcoming Sunday and work, then see you will not only enjoy working on Monday but also you feel too interesting and excite in your work.
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