Local Train In Mumbai

Mostly people in Mumbai prefer to travel by local train and feel that it is not only a lifeline of Mumbai but also the cheapest and easiest mode of transport. Due to rise in population some local train compartments are fully packed with people, somehow people manage to catch the train and reach to their destination at their proper time.

Following are the benefits of local train:-
1. People can easily reach at their destination.
2. One can easily carry luggage in the luggage compartment.
3. Business class people can easily prefer first class compartment.
4. Many people mostly prefer local train as their perfect mode of transport.

Following are the disadvantages of local train:-
1. Often many accidents take place.
2. Due to heavy rush many people unable to get up at their station.
3. Some fans of a local train are not in a working condition.
4. Sometimes trains are not arriving at proper time.
5. Compartments are not increasing as compared to the rising travelers.

What happen when you go for an interview by local train?
1. Your full dress and CV got wrinkled up during heavy rush.
2. Many of them fail to reach at proper time in an interview.
3. While travelling in a local train your hair will look like uncombed and boot will look like unpolished.

Steps to overcome from problems in local trains before facing an interview:-
1. Carry resume in a file.
2. Reach as early as possible in station to be on time in an interview.
3. Make yourself fully comfortable before facing an interview.
4. Don’t forget to carry a pen.
5. Finally live the house by praying to god to achieve success in an interview.


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