Role Of Human Resource

HR Management consists of getting right number of qualified people into the right job at the right time. HR provides the organization will fully trained and highly motivated employees.It assist an organization to achieve its goals.

Followings are the key element of HR Management:-
1) Recruitment - HR is responsible for recruitment and selection of employees. His duty is to appoint a right person to the right job. Proper recruitment not only brings job satisfaction to the employees but it also results higher efficiency of the employees.

2) Training - HR is responsible for conducting training to an employee. Training helps the employees to know the job responsibilities properly and accurately. For that he is given training to enhance his skills. It benefits is getting not only to the organization but also to the employees.

3) Performance - HR conducts performance appraisal of an employee in the company, which ultimately helps an employee to know his strength and weakness in his work. Once he come to know about his weakness, then he should work hard to improve his performance in his work.

4) Maintaining records - HR is responsible for keeping a detail record of an employee right from his name, experience, qualification, residential proof, salary details, appointment letter etc. HR also looks an employee attendance on daily basis.

5) Minimizes cost - HR is solely responsible for minimizing cost of a company at the time of recruitment and selection process of an employee.

6) Achieve goals - HR helps an organization to achieve long term goals by appointing highly motivated and energetic employees who will work dedicatedly and honestly. So that with the help of this employees, company can achieve its targeted goals.

7) Employees facilities - HR is responsible for providing facilities to an employee’s such as paid holidays, Medical insurance, transport facilities etc by providing these facilities employees get well motivated and shows interest in their work. It also make an employee feel proud to work under a company which take care of employees benefits.

8) Compensation - HR is solely responsible for providing compensation to an employee. It also provides rewards to the employees in respect of hike in salary, incentives, bonus etc.


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